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How do we do it?
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How do we do it?
3. With you
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That’s why we combine our talent
with your know-how.
Together, we can find the
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How do we do it?
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We can proudly say that these brands have trusted us to help them, both for strategic concepts as well as launches, marketing actions and anything else they needed our assistance with.
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Laura Peregrín Emparanza, butterfly, branding, packaging

Laura Peregrín


From a young age she stood out for her interest in art and innovation. She studied in Valencia and London to become an industrial and graphic designer. She discovered packaging as a way of uniting product and graphic design.

While looking for new opportunities she arrived in Barcelona, where she studied a Master’s in Packaging, and a few years later another Master’s in Art Direction in Advertising. At the same time, her professional growth continued through work with different agencies in the city. She became in expert in packaging design and the process of creating a brand, working for important national and international companies.

She enjoys the unconventional, getting stuck into new books, singing in the shower, going to all kinds of exhibitions, and she thinks that one day left-handed people will conquer the world.


Andrea Irazusta, butterfly, branding, packaging

Andrea Irazusta


Formed in Advertising and Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication and how all this seemed little, pursuing an MBA.
After more than a decade dedicated to branding & packaging we could say that is already an expert in creating and differentiate brands in the sector both food and cosmetics.

Her work experience is divided between Barcelona and Dublin. He has had the opportunity to deal with top national and international brands and the sum of all tossed into the adventure of starting his own agency.

Passionate about design, especially lamps and chairs, yes, chairs! Of course, his favorite is the Butterfly chair. She enjoys traveling, meeting new cultures and wherever possible; enter its supermarkets and rummage among the many curiosities and new trends that one can discover. And is not .. also lefty!


Pablo Calzado

Pablo Calzado


He was born holding a colored pencils box and since then he’s been connected with the artistic world, from illustration and animation to graphic design.

He entered the packaging & branding world almost by chance and has been years developing projects for national and international brands with a high sense of professionality.

As he can’t stop moving, he did a Master in Packaging in which he perfectionated his tecnique and knowledge in his works.

Oh! And he’s also left-handed!

Helena Marín

Helena Marín


Born in 92’ Barcelona, she’s one of those girls that reads in the tube, one of those that just can’t stop doing things and one those that loves stationeries as she can find there lots of cute things to organize everything (even more! It’s never enough).

She writes, creates, smiles, knows how to make foam-hearts in coffees and does lots of other things but mostly, everything that has to do with communication, Digital Marketing and Social Media.


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